Octopus coconut snatch and run!

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BBC News – Octopus snatches coconut and runs:

If you think octopuses are interesting animals, wait until you see this video at this BBC news site. I have seen amazing videos of octopuses “walking,” such as this:

But this new video is astonishing in terms of the tool-using intelligence the octopuses exhibit:

As the BBC science article says:

“Writing in the journal Current Biology, the team says it is the first example of tool use in octopuses. One of the researchers, Dr Julian Finn from Australia’s Museum Victoria, told BBC News: ‘I almost drowned laughing when I saw this the first time.'”

Don’t miss this! It’s yet another glimpse into the lives of the amazing creatures that inhabit our “pale blue dot,” the only home we’ve ever known.

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One Response to “Octopus coconut snatch and run!”
  1. Mark Porter says:

    Wow. Absolutely wonderful. Enjoy your blog.

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