Taking a look at landslides in California

Readers of this extreme science blog might want to stop by my Berkeley, Naturally! site and take a look at my latest post:

Berkeley Hills Landslide

We had a series of very powerful El Niño-related storms last week in California, and I wrote about the effects here in the Berkeley Hills and San Francisco Bay Area. (see Berkeley Hills-El Niño Storms Hit Hard)

In the Berkeley Hills Landslide post, I share some pictures I took of a small landslide in the Berkeley Hills. I then go on to discuss some of the science of landslides. Along with my own photos, you’ll find some incredible images of some really big landslides, as well as some links to a couple of amazing landslide videos.

Holbeck Hall Landslide – England 1993 – British Geological Survey

Stop by and have a look! I think you’ll find it interesting and informative.



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