Encounter with Hundreds of Thousands of Ladybugs

LADYBUGS! LOTS of ladybugs!

If you love nature and enjoy amazing images from nature, stop by my Berkeley, Naturally! nature blog and take a look at my new post about my discovery of several hundred thousand ladybugs amassed in the Berkeley Hills near my home. The post is called:

They are the Lady(bugs) of the Canyon

I’ve got some good images, though the huge swarm was too spread-out to catch on camera without making the ladybugs disappear in the dense foliage of Strawberry Canyon.  I had to settle for close-ups like these:

As usual, I also include some fun science about these amazing creatures and discuss the folklore around this most popular insect in the world.

Also, don’t miss the link to an amazing video of a ladybug swarm that will give you some idea of what it was like to see what I saw in person!

Stop by Berkeley, Naturally! and have a look!

4 Responses to “Encounter with Hundreds of Thousands of Ladybugs”
  1. That is so cool! Thanks for sharing, I wish I could have seen them live…

  2. eastwitching says:

    Gosh – they turned the whole place rusty red…that must have been so intense seeing them all. I wonder what provoked such an explosion? Alison

  3. crystal says:

    I know where’s there’s thousands of ladybugs right now

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